Music by Miz Raven


Hi, I’m Michelle, and I’m a professional Baritone saxophone player. In addition to playing Baritone saxophone, I also play tenor, alto, clarinet, piano, and vocals. I started my musical journey at the age of 4 playing piano.  Over the years I have found my passion lies with the king of instuments – the baritone saxophone.   Here you’ll find some highlights from my musicial career.


Fallbrook High School – John Phillip Sousa, Louis Armstrong and Arion award winner.

Palomar performance program – Palomar College Jazz, Chorale and Civic Youth Orchestra

Berklee College of Music 1994-1998 varied years

Current Musical Groups:

Moonlight Serenede Orchestra

San Diego Big band – Shared Baritone Saxophone Chair

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Misc Music Projects:

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If you have a teaching or performing opportunity you’d like to discuss with me, you can contact me below, and I’ll get back to you asap.